Hangin’ out and "Hangin’ On": How Chris Young helped some lucky fans have the time of their lives

RCA Nashville If you wonder if the people in the "Hangin' On" video are having as much fun as it looks like they are -- well, Chris Young can confirm that it's true.

Chris says the song is not only a stand-out from his Losing Sleep record, it was perfect for a laid-back, beachside performance clip.

"It's one of my favorite [up]tempos on the record," he tells ABC Radio, "and we actually did something really cool with the video, too."

"[We] went down to Clearwater, Florida and we did something where radio stations flew winners [in]," Chris explains. "So the crowd that's the audience in the video is not just a whole bunch of people being paid to be excited that they're there. They're just hanging out in Clearwater, Florida and were there from different parts of the country getting to see the video take place."

In fact, Chris confirms it was even more fun behind-the-scenes.

"Those are real drinks in their hands, the people that have them in the video," he points out. "They're actually enjoying themselves out by the water in the sunshine."

"And it's one of the most fun videos I've gotten to shoot. 'Cause we're just... in between takes, I'm leanin' down, I'm goofin' off with people that are there, and they're excited to be there."  

"Hangin' On" is Chris's latest top ten hit, following "Losing Sleep," which went to the top of the chart back in February.

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