"Happy People": Little Big Town’s antidote for troubled times

ABC/Image Group LA“Happy People” is both the opening track on Little Big Town’s new The Breaker album and the band’s latest single, and the foursome is hoping the happy tune can also help soothe some of the political tension in the U.S. right now.

“There’s probably not a house in America that’s not divided right now, disagreeing about things going on in the country,” Karen Fairchild tells Billboard.

“If you can’t learn to look across the table and go, ‘I love you and I totally disagree with you, but hey, let’s have a glass of wine…’” she adds, before trailing off.

Kimberly Schlapman hopes “Happy People” can also serve as the antidote to some of the vitriol on social media these days.

“Why is it now okay to say horrible things about people?” she asks. “Why is it now normal?”

“Because they didn’t go to Camp Elegance,” Karen jokes. “They didn’t go to Mr. Manners class like we all did.”

“Hashtag ‘bring back manners,’” Kimberly adds, as the band laughs.

Look for the music video for “Happy People,” which the band shot just this past week, to premiere soon.

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