"Heart Break": How "sleeping like a queen in a California King" charted the course for Lady A’s latest album

Capitol NashvilleOne of the standout lyrics in Lady Antebellum's top-25 hit "Heart Break" is, "I'm sleeping like a queen in a California King I made."

Hillary Scott says it's a line that she and co-writer Nicolle Gaylon championed.

"It's such an empowering lyric," Hillary tells ABC Radio, "of like, you know, 'Not until I'm sleeping like a queen in the California King I bought myself, I make myself,' you know."

"We have that on a t-shirt out on the road," Charles Kelley interjects.

"Heart Break" was such a pivotal song in the making of the record, it ended up being the title track.

"Everybody had a big part in putting that song together," Charles explains. "And it just felt like, 'Okay, now we have a song we can base the rest of the record around, the sound of the record.' Because we were struggling."

"Like, 'Do we make a really traditional-sounding record? Do we go more R&B? Do we go more pop? Do we go rock?'" he recalls. "And we were like, 'Let's just let the songs show us where to go.' And so that song, that is definitely one of my top favorites off this record."  

Lady A kicks off their Summer Plays On tour July 19 in Toronto with Darius Rucker and "Yours" hitmaker Russell Dickerson.

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