"Homeboy" Tucker Beathard "Rocks On" with "Fight Like Hell"

BMLGTucker Beathard’s first EP may just be coming out today, but his reputation precedes him. When he was just a teenager, Tucker was the inspiration for Eric Church’s hit “Homeboy,” which was written by his dad Casey. Now that he’s several years older, Tucker says it’s the title track of his project, Fight Like Hell, that best describes him.

“I think… the title and the message behind that song is… moving and impactful, and it's a message, kind of a moral code that I like to stand by, by sticking to your guns...” he explains. “And not only that, I think the song musically represents me the most as an artist.”

The 21-year-old admits it’s also the anger in his breakthrough hit that really appeals to him.

“Where I get satisfaction in 'Rock On' is the chorus has that teenage angst, like the p***ed-off-ness…  that makes you want to punch a wall or something, and that could be for anything or anybody telling you you can't do something,” he says.

Tucker Beathard’s debut EP Fight Like Hell is available at the usual digital retailers today, just as his breakout hit, “Rock On,” makes a run for number one.

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