Hospital Asks For 3 Mills of Tax

After discussing the financial situation with Elbert Memorial Hospital to the County Board of Commissioners earlier last month and hearing that report from Daniel Graves Board Authority Chairman. The Elbert Memorial Hospital Authority will seek 3 mills of tax relief from Elbert County. The Hospital Board voted unanimously to ask the county for the 3 mills at the Authority meeting held this week.
The Official request will come at the August meeting of the Elbert County Board of Commissioners. A three mill increase will come to an amount of $1.5 million dollars of support for
the hospital.
In research done by many reputable sources, ff Elbert County does not get much needed funds from the county and by virtue of the millage increase, it could lead to the loss of the Hospital which would not only lose the roughly 160 jobs at the hospital. Workers Comp rates would go up dramatically for all Elbert County Businesses as well as future industrial development could be stalled. Without a functioning Hospital economic development in such counties usually does not happen. Not Having a functioning hospital could also affect other large industries to re-think whether they would continue to stay in Elbert County to do business. That could lead to,the loss of more than 400 more jobs in the County.
In addition the county will see a significant cost to the EMS department due to the County Ambulance Service having to care and transport the majority of indigent patients to another facility.

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