Hospital Chairman and Authority Members show support for Board Member

Letter to wsgc from Daniel Graves

I want to make one thing very clear to every citizen of Elbert County, especially those running for public county office: You simply could not have a better representative on the Elbert Memorial Hospital Board than Capt. Max Black. To suggest that he is in some way coming up short in his duties is ignorance, pure and simple.

There is no other human being alive who would work as hard and diligently as Max does to represent the Elbert County Board of Commissioners and its citizens on the hospital authority. No one.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, or even worse says otherwise in a public political forum, announces their own shortcomings not Capt. Black’s. They certainly prove to me that they are speaking boldly about things they just don’t know.

They have no clue about the hundreds of hours he has spent pouring over reports, researching opportunities, reviewing policy and improving efficiency on behalf of this community’s hospital. More than any other Authority member I can think off, yours truly included.

They have no clue how every single time the County Board of Commissioners has called upon Capt. Black, he has been there. Fully transparent and prepared, and over prepared, to answer any questions on anything from finances to medical care.

They just don’t know.

The hospital financials and census data are publically available monthly. It’s there for anyone, free of charge. Commissioners and candidates included. All one has to do is be interested enough to look at them.

Our regular authority meetings are monthly too… Candidates are welcome, although none other than current Authority member Kam McClary have come… Credit, and thank you, to Chairman Lyon, the highest ranking county official we have, he does come. And sees all of that information that is supposedly, according to those candidates, not reported to the County Commission. To say there is no transparency is hogwash.

If anyone doesn’t know what they want to know about the hospital, it’s on them. The info is there, presented publicly monthly, and know one knows it better than Capt. Black.

A real leader would take advantage of Capt. Black’s knowledge and experience by seeking his counsel, not throw him under the bus with having never even spoken to him.

That’s not leadership. That’s laziness.

Capt. Black tells all of us serving on the Authority he is our shipmate. It is our honor to be his.

Daniel Graves,
Chairman, Elberton –Elbert County Hospital Authority.

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