How Chase Bryant’s girlfriend turned him into a "Better Man" with a viral video hit

ABC/Image Group LA This week, Little Big Town is enjoying their second week at #1 with the song Taylor Swift hand-picked them to record.

In addition to that, there’s a new version of “Better Man” that’s making a big impact both on social media and online. In just a couple of weeks, Chase Bryant’s video of the song has been viewed close to 200,000 times on YouTube.

Chase admits he owes all the credit to his significant other.

“I just loved the song, and my girlfriend had said… ‘Hey, what do you think about singing it from a guy’s perspective?’” he recalls. “I kinda laughed it off, and then all of the sudden, it was like, ‘Well, wait a second. That’s a really great idea!’”

Chase re-wrote the lyrics on a plane, and in a couple of days, his version of “Better Man” featuring Runaway June was finished.

“I think it’s cool... that it’s from the man’s perspective,” the trio’s Jennifer Wayne says. “I think that makes it even like more gut-wrenching because he’s being so honest, you know. And then Chase’s vocal on it is so good that it kind of tears your heart out,” she sighs.

As for the reaction from Taylor and Little Big Town, Chase says just the fact that they’ve checked it out is a compliment.

“I didn’t know if she would hear it,” he says of Taylor. “I didn’t know if Little Big Town would hear it. I’ve heard they’ve all heard it, you know, which is enough for me. I thought that was really, really cool.”

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