How "Flatliner" recently went "Sideways" for Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley

ABC/Image Group LA One of the highlights of Dierks Bentley’s What the Hell Tour is when opener Cole Swindell returns to the stage during the end of the headliner’s set to sing his latest single, “Flatliner,” which features Dierks.

Cole recalls one recent night, however, when things went “Sideways,” to invoke the name of a Dierks hit.

“We were in Canada, and they are a little wild up there,” Cole jokes. “Well, this girl hops up onstage and Dierks is out at the end of the thing with his back turned… I think she's about to go run up there and tackle him… so I'm trying to do the box-out move,” he says as he puts his arms out, demonstrating how he tried to block her.

“Not one second, when I do that, she hops on my back. And I'm like, 'That is not what I meant, I meant, like, stay away!'” he adds, as the room erupts in laughter.

The Georgia native says all he could think of at that point was what the pictures of the incident were going to look like.

“I'm sitting here with this girl on my back, there's a million words in this song, and finally the tour manager got her off… I'm glad I kept my balance, though. She was serious, yeah she was aggressive. So we got her on out of there and finished the song!” Cole laughs.

Tuesday at Warner Brothers headquarters in Nashville, Cole celebrated the success of “Middle of a Memory,” his sixth #1 in a row.

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