‘I ain’t havin’ no twins!’: Even with the crazy rumors, Carrie Underwood can’t wait for baby #2

Capitol NashvilleAfter going through three miscarriages over the past two years, Carrie Underwood is understandably overjoyed to be expecting her second child in the coming months.

Carrie and her husband, former hockey player Mike Fisher, do know the sex of their baby, but they're keeping it a secret, at least for now. Still, the "Love Wins" hitmaker can't help but be amused by the overwhelming interest in her pregnancy.

"It's just super-interesting to see people speculating," she laughs. "And people are congratulating me on the twins, and I'm like, 'I ain't havin' no twins!' As far as I know, they only one in there!"

Carrie and Mike's son, Isaiah, just turned three in February, and the couple is anxious to add another little one to their family.

"It's gonna be good," Carrie says. "I mean, I'm excited to have two. I hear the jump from one to two is pretty hard."

"But we're excited," she adds, "and my husband's retired now, so I'm gonna have some extra childcare at home, so that's good."

This week, Carrie's first album for Capitol Nashville, Cry Pretty, debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200, making the Oklahoma native the only female artist in history to have four country albums arrive at the top of the all-genre ranking.

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