"I called it!": Lauren Alaina says she always knew "American Idol" would be back

ABC/Image Group LAAs we wait to find out more details about American Idol's return to the airwaves, there’s at least one alum who’s not one bit surprised it's back:  season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina.

“I called it!” the Georgia native exclaims excitedly. “I have said that they will bring it back. Because it's American Idol! They have to bring it back.”

While she’s elated that the show that launched her career will return, Lauren believes Idol will benefit from the time away.

“It did need a break…” she tells ABC Radio. “Everybody needed to catch their breath a little bit.” 

Lauren’s just released the follow-up to her first #1, “Road Less Traveled.” You should start hearing her new single, “Doin’ Fine,” on the radio soon.

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