"If I Know Me": How newcomer Morgan Wallen earned the FGL seal of approval

Big LoudThe debut album from Morgan Wallen, If I Know Me, arrives today, just as his collaboration with Florida Georgia Line is dangerously close to becoming his first top-ten hit.

The East Tennessee native readily admits "Up Down" is more than just a song -- it's an endorsement from FGL.

"They actually mentioned that," Morgan tells ABC Radio. "How Luke Bryan did the same thing for them on 'This Is How We Roll.' Like, 'We kinda just want to pay it forward, man, so here it is.'"

Next month, Morgan joins Luke's What Makes You Country stadium tour. He's no stranger to big venues, thanks to his pals Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

"We kinda just had a natural connection, and I don't even remember where we met..." Morgan admits. "We... started writing songs, first of all. And then, they asked me to go on tour with them, which was awesome."

"We started playing basketball and stuff like that out on tour," he continues. "Me and Tyler still write songs quite a bit... [We're] just good buddies, and man, they've just been really good to me. Kinda taken me under their wing..."

The three co-wrote Jason Aldean's latest smash, "You Make It Easy."

And the fun Morgan, Tyler and BK are having in the "Up Down" video? Morgan says there was no acting required.

"It was in Orange Beach, Alabama," Morgan explains. "I was opening up for them down there. We had two shows in a row. So if you notice, you can tell that there's two different days it was filmed on, because we all have different outfits on..."

"BK just got a new boat. So we were like, 'Well, let's use that.' Kinda just had a good time all day, man."

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