Inside the departure of Runaway June’s Hannah Mulholland, as the trio remains "Head over Heels" about the future

ABC/Image Group LALess than a week after Hannah Mulholland's unexpected departure from Runaway June, the trio's opening up about what happened. 

Hannah may be gone from the group, but Jennifer Wayne makes it clear their sisterhood remains strong. 

"We will always be sisters," the granddaughter of Hollywood legend John Wayne tells ABC Audio. "We love Hannah so much. We've been through everything in the world together."

"She's been feeling this way for a while," Jennifer continues. "She got married. She really missed California and being around her family."

Jennifer suspects that Hannah even stayed longer, for fear of disappointing her friends.

"It's a tough life out there, and this job takes you away from people that you love," Jennifer explains. "[Bandmate] Naomi [Cooke] had said earlier, 'When you're in this job, you just truck forward without even really having the time to really think about it.' And she didn't want to let us down."

It may be COVID-19 that brought Hannah's decision into focus.

"I think that [during] this whole pandemic," Jennifer reflects, "we've all taken a pause and we're reevaluating what really matters to us and what's important to us in our life. And she really wants to be home with her family, and Naomi and I support that and we love her."

"She's an amazing artist, she's super talented," Jennifer adds. "She does pencil sketching and oil painting. And I'm sure her next chapter is gonna be exciting to watch." 

After Hannah's departure, Jennifer says new member Natalie Stovall was the "one girl that we would have be in our band," else she and Naomi would've become a duo.

From here, Runaway June's focused on their holiday album as well their sophomore project, as "Head over Heels" climbs the chart following their top ten, "Buy My Own Drinks." 

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This is one y'all haven't ever heard yet. #everythingtolose is out tonight. #previouslyunreleased

— Old Dominion (@OldDominion) July 2, 2020