Is Kip Moore opening up about his love life on ‘Wild World?’

MCA NashvilleWould you like to know a little more about Kip Moore's love life? If that's the case, his new record, Wild World, just may contain some of the answers you're looking for. 

The Georgia native's fourth album opens with the track "Janie Blu," introducing a character that re-occurs in its final track, "Payin' Hard."

So is Wild World partially Kip's effort to communicate with a lost love? 

"Definitely talking to her some, definitely talking to her some," Kip admits. "But, you know, I never reveal, obviously, real names of characters."

"And I'm not gonna pull a T. Swift on you," he jokes, referencing the fact that Taylor Swift has sometimes written songs about her past relationships.

"But yeah, you know, there's definitely a lot of times through these records, specific people that influence a lot of the writing," Kip explains.

It's a tactic Kip employed as far back as his very first single, 2011's "Mary Was the Marrying Kind."

"Mary was all through the Up All Night record," Kip points out. "This record definitely had a lot of Janie in it.  That's all I can tell you."

"And nobody will ever know who Janie is," he adds. 

Kip does drop some clues on Wild World, which opens with the lyric, "Where you off to, Janie Blu?" and goes on to hint at "sweet addictions" before asking "Do you think you'll find redemption in the arms of a stranger's touch?" 

"I know I can't keep clinging to my Janie Blu," Kip sings on the first track, but then revisits "Janie and those pretty eyes" on the final cut, before seemingly taking the blame for the relationship's failure, saying "I chose this old guitar before the only love I've known." 

Wild World also features Kip's top 25 hit, "She's Mine." 

By Stephen Hubbard
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