Jennifer Nettles Shakes Off Her Troubles in New "Hey Heartbreak" Video

ABC/Mark LevineThis season, Jennifer Nettles has starred in no less than three holiday specials and released her first solo Christmas album. Now, as she gets ready to start the new year, she's turning her attention back to her sophomore solo effort, Playing with Fire, and its second single.

“Who can’t relate to a good breakup song?” she says of the song, "Hey Heartbreak." “The fun part is that there are all kinds of breakup songs. You could be Adele and you could be heartbroken and down. Or you could be ‘Hey Heartbreak’ that is super fun and triumphant and almost like an anthem for freedom. You’re really moving past the sadness and healing.”

Jennifer showcases the spirit of the song in a carefree new video shot on location in Santa Barbara, California. You can check out both the new video and a behind-the-scenes feature on YouTube.

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