Just like Thomas Rhett, newcomer Dylan Scott is happy to share the spotlight with his "Girl"

CurbLots of things are changing in newcomer Dylan Scott’s world these days. Later this year, he’ll become a father for the first time, but even before that, he’s on track to have his very first #1 with “My Girl.”

“It's kind of all happening at the same time, which is kinda cool,” the Louisiana native tells ABC Radio. “It's kinda overwhelming at the same time. But you know, for 'My Girl' to be the very first, I guess you would say, big hit for me, is kind of incredible.”

“You know, it's basically a love story between my wife and [me],” he goes on. “I almost didn't record it, because it is such a love story, a personal story, and I thought, 'Nobody wants to hear that.' So it's kind of crazy how we did record it, and put it out as a single, and here it is on the verge of, could be my very first #1.”

After Thomas Rhett wrote “Die a Happy Man” about his wife, he joked that Lauren started becoming even more popular with the fans than him. Dylan admits he's seeing the same thing happen. 

“I get that quite a bit in meet-and-greets,” Dylan reveals. “'So, is Blair here?'… It's like, 'Nah, she's not here. She's at home.' You know, they expect to see her. But it's cool… I mean, I've been with my wife longer than I've been writing songs. So most of my music is about Blair.”  

The expanded edition of Dylan’s debut album, Dylan Scott Deluxe, comes out August 4.   

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