Kane Brown confirms he and Katelyn Jae are tying the knot this week

ABC/Image Group LA After winning three American Music Awards earlier this week, Kane Brown revealed to ABC Radio he was heading home to tie the knot with fiancee Katelyn Jae.

"Yeah, it'll be this week," Kane confirmed. "I'm not going to say the exact date, but yeah, it'll be this week."

"I'm flying home," he added, "her family's already at my house, and we're about to get ready for it."

Kane and Katelyn have been engaged since April of 2017. And so far, he says he's not feeling any pre-wedding jitters.

"I'm not nervous right now," he smiles, "but maybe when I'm up there, I'll be nervous."

After the ceremony, Kane and Katelyn will head for East Tennessee for their honeymoon.

"My fiancee, we had three different places to go to," he explains. "She's from Philadelphia. So she'd never been to Gatlinburg, except for one other time with me, and that was like our best vacation we ever had. So we're just gonna go back. We rented a little cabin above Dollywood, and we're just gonna have a good time."  

Kane confirms they'll still be celebrating on his birthday, which is October 21. He'll be back to work by November 9, however, when his sophomore album, Experiment, comes out.

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