Kip Moore explains why he stays in hostels when he travels

Scott Legato/Getty ImagesKip Moore lives very simply. While the "More Girls Like You" singer spent time traveling to Hawaii, Costa Rica and Iceland earlier this year, he says much of his journey was spent in hostels.

"I’m afraid to get comfortable because I’m scared to lose … I’m scared I might become … civilized? Not civilized but I’m afraid I’ll lose that sense of where I’ve come from and that drive that’s gotten me to where I’m at," he tells People. "When I travel, I still bounce around in hostels. All through Iceland we did hostels. I could stay at the Four Seasons, but it doesn’t do as much for my soul staying in those places."

Kip adds, "When I stay at a hostel, it keeps me centered and I love the people I meet. There are great people in those nice places too, but I’m going to relate more to that backpacker in that hostel who is super excited about life and seeing beauty in the small things the way that I am."

The singer's travels helped inspire his new album, Slowheart. One song in particular -- "I've Been Around" -- pokes fun at where his life has gone, with lines like, "I've hung out with supermodels/Drank wine from thousand-dollar bottles." Despite the sometimes luxurious moments, Kip is the last person to post a photo on social media of himself inside a fancy jet.

"I don’t want to be a part of something that makes people not be happy with their own life and crave this false sense of reality," he says. "I don’t want people who are working that 9-to-5 blue-collar job and barely getting by to feel bad."

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