"Kiss Somebody," quick: Why it only took 15 seconds to shoot the video for Morgan Evans’ #1

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Not only is "Kiss Somebody" Morgan Evans' first #1 in the U.S., the debut single from the Aussie singer may also set a record when it comes to its music video.

Morgan estimates the slow-motion clip for "Kiss Somebody" actually took less than a minute to shoot.

"I've made a bunch of videos in Australia before and we started talking about the video," he recalls. "And all I said was, 'I just don't want to have a video of a dude with a girl in a bar or something. It needs to be something really interesting.'"

"And a guy named Jeff Venable put this treatment forward," Morgan continues. "It was like all one shot in this slow-motion event thing. And I just thought it sounded different and cool."

"We shot the whole thing in 15 seconds or something like that," he explains. "Because it's slow motion, so it's 15 seconds that's stretched out."

Kelsea Ballerini's husband admits the set-ups and run-throughs did take longer.

"We spent all morning setting up and rehearsing," Morgan tells ABC Radio, "and then I think we shot maybe ten runs of it, and we just picked the best one. And that's it."

"It was a crazy experience, and it was freezing cold that day too," her remembers. "I don't know if you can tell when you watch it. I think they put some filter over it to make you look warmer..."

"And that fellow," Morgan says of the leading man, "he was really putting in the work that day, jumping on cars, running into people and stuff. It was really cool." 

You can check out "Kiss Somebody" on YouTube now. You'll also find the song on Morgan's self-titled EP, with a full album to follow later this year.

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