"Life’s About to Get Good": Shania Twain turns the pain of her divorce into a three-minute pick-me-up

UMGFifteen years after the release of Up!, the wait is over for new music from Shania Twain. You’ll start hearing her new single,  “Life’s About to Get Good,” on Thursday, one day before it'll be available digitally.

If you need a pick-me-up, Shania says the new track is for you.

“Every time I hear the song, it makes me happy, as many times now as I've heard the song," she reveals. "I was involved with every aspect of this album” -- from writing the songs, to mixing the final record.  “It still just picks me up when I hear it. It just cheers me up and it makes me feel good. So what I'm looking forward to is that effect on the listener.”

Shania was so pleased with the finished album, it made picking the lead release difficult.

“I'm just so happy that this song ended up being the first single,” she says. “You know, it was a tough decision... It's hard for me to be objective, but I want people to feel how good this song can make them feel and appreciate the story in it.”

“You know, we've all been in the dark, and then we're in the light...” she goes on, referencing her divorce from longtime producer Mutt Lange. “Change is inevitable, and I think this song explains that very well, and I want to inspire people.”

If you wonder how Shania felt about the very public split, all you have to do is listen to the lyrics: “It's a true story. It's a story of depth, with a smile. And I think it's just a really good way to get started again.”

“Life’s About to Get Good” is the first taste of Shania's new album, Now, which comes out September 29.  

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