Listen now: Eric Church gets nostalgic on "Hippie Radio"

ABC/Image Group LA Eric Church tips his hat to the rock band Kansas and their classic 70’s hit “Carry On Wayward Son” in his new song, “Hippie Radio.”

The track is the latest preview of the North Carolina native’s Desperate Man album, which comes out October 5. As is his custom, Eric first previewed the cut for his Church Choir fan club members, before sharing a short clip on social media the next day.

In the nostalgic ballad, Eric reminisces about being a kid and riding in the car with his dad, listening to music.

“Carry on my wayward son, on a hippie radio,” he sings, “Songs about the flower babies and the birth of rock and roll/I was the band and I would stand and we bounced down the road/A boy and his dad and a Pontiac with a hippie radio.”

You can find out more about joining the Church Choir on Eric’s website. Paid members will get their choice of a vinyl or CD copy of Desperate Man when it comes out in the fall.

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