Listen now: Luke Bryan knows "What She Wants Tonight" in sexy new single

Capitol Nashville Luke Bryan’s not quite done “Knockin’ Boots” just yet. Following his twenty-third career number one, he’s keeping the sexy mood going with his new single, “What She Wants Tonight.”

“She wants my hands on her body/She wants to burn like she’s made of fire/Said, she ain’t going home till we/Drink every drop of Kentucky dry,” Luke sings on the tune he co-wrote with A-list songwriters Ross CoppermanHillary Lindsay, and Jon Nite.

“Don’t even know what she’ll do when she does it/Palm of her hand, I’m hers in the blink of an eye/She don’t take no and I love/She gets what she wants/And I get to be what she wants tonight,” the chorus finishes.

“I have wanted to get together with this group of writers for a long time,” Luke says. “We came up with some really infectious hooks for this song and I think women listeners are going to like that the girl in the song controls the dynamic of the situation.”

“I’ve been wanting to get a big rocking tempo out for some time and this is certainly it,” he adds.

Luke will perform “What She Wants Tonight” this weekend on a special edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, following Sunday Night Football on NBC.

You can also check out the song’s video on YouTube now.

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