Listen now: Morgan Evans delivers a love song for Kelsea with "American"

ABC/Image Group LA The lyrics of Morgan Evans’ new track, “American,” leave little doubt who he wrote it about. In fact, the Aussie starts describing his wife, Kelsea Ballerini, with the very first words of the song.

“She’s got hair as gold as Kansas wheat,” Morgan begins, leading up to a chorus that expresses how he feels about his bride, whom he married last December: “She’s American, making my world better than it’s ever been/One part Norma Jean and one part Marilyn/She’s making me fall in love with everything American.”

The “Kiss Somebody” hitmaker confirmed the track is about Kelsea on his socials.

“One of my favourite songs from the record,” he tweeted. “A love song for America & for my American girl. Best experienced at HIGH volumes. I hope you love it!” he added.

“American” is the latest preview of Morgan’s debut album, expected in the fall. You can stream or download the tune now, or check out its Visualizer video on YouTube

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