Listen now: What happens when you combine Cam, Ashley McBryde, and "Diane"

Sony/Warner Bros.There’s no doubt about it: Ashley McBryde can deliver a spot-on rendition of Cam’s “Diane.”

Ashley and two of her bandmates recently recorded their take on the “Burning House” hitmaker’s latest single on their bus, and subsequently sent it to Cam, who was so flattered, she shared it on her socials.

“When they tell me women don’t like each other, I can’t help but laugh - that’s my main support system!” Cam added. “Thank you to all the women who lift me up daily with genuine love. Like this game-changing bada** Ashley McBryde.”

Clearly, the next logical move is for Cam to cover Ashley’s “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega,” which is currently making a place for itself in country’s top-40.

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