Local businesses receiving scam phone calls

phone-scamAt least two Elberton businesses have received phone calls claiming to be from Elberton Utilities seeking payments for electricity.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, two local businesses reported receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be Stacy Banks. According to the reports, Banks claimed to be from Elberton Utilities.

Banks proceeded to tell the business owners their utility bill was due and service would be disconnected the following day. Banks then offered to come to the businesses and collect the money.

One of the business owners told Banks the bill had just been paid and asked how much was owed. At that point the caller hung up.

Both businesses said they received the call from 830-522-8907. The area code 830 is listed as belonging to an area in south Texas.

Business owners should be alert for such scams and never give money to anyone without first verifying the validity of the claim.

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