Local law enforcement conducts active shooter training drills at ECCHS

This week, the Elberton Police Department, in conjunction with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, Athens Tech Police and Elbert County Emergency Medical Service, conducted active shooter training drills on the campus of Elbert County Comprehensive High School.

Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh said high school students and staff members have participated in role play during the drills.

“It’s just a good cooperative effort,” Welsh said. “They’re going into the school, and they’re trying to get real scenario training. They’ve got smoke machines, and officers are having to gain entry into the building and try to approach and take out the active shooter. It’s very good training, very innovative training that was put on by Capt. Joey David and Sgt. Scott Marunich, who headed the thing up.”
The chief said the training sessions are the result of school safety discussions that took place between local law enforcement and the Elbert County School District earlier in the year.
“The Board of Education was talking about the concerns, and we offered to provide that,” Welsh said. “They just embraced that and really have come up to bat on it. It’s a good program, along with the SRO (school resource officer) program and the safety concerns we had several months back, it’s something we’re going to have to do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this type of crime appears to be gaining steam.”
According to the Police Department, there will be another training drill on Thursday. Students who would like to participate should be accompanied by a parent to sign a form. Contact the Elberton Police Department at 706-213-3130 for more information.

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