Maddie & Tae confess they’re feeling some nerves ahead of tonight’s "Artists of the Year" performance with Carrie Underwood

Mercury NashvilleCarrie Underwood won't hit the road on the Cry Pretty 360 Tour with Maddie & Tae and Runaway June until May, but we'll get a preview Wednesday night, as all three perform together on the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year special.

Tae Dye says we can expect "lots of harmonies" in a "fun medley." "I definitely am very intimidated," she admits.

Maddie Marlow feels much the same, even getting a little starstruck around the "Love Wins" hitmaker.

"It still hasn't really like sunk in..." Maddie explains. "I still get kind of germy trying to control it around her. 'Cause we've watched her since she was on American Idol... And I'm still just like, 'Okay, play it cool!' Like, 'You're a professional!'"

Tae has even been second-guessing her wardrobe choice.

"I picked a dress. And I'm like, 'Why did I pick a short dress? Because I'm going to be standing next to Carrie Underwood and her legs!' Why did I do that to myself?" Tae asks.

"I went jumpsuit," Maddie adds. "I'm like, 'I am not exposing my legs...'"

"Yeah, I'm just going to stand on the very opposite end," Tae concludes.

Maddie's thinking a gift may be in order for the duo's upcoming tour mate.

"I want to bring her like a little goodie basket," Maddie says, "because she's maybe... six or seven months pregnant. She needs like some really comfy slippers, maybe some bath bombs."

Tae suggests a heating pad and doughnuts, before the two remember Carrie is vegan.

"Maybe we can get like a vegan cupcake or something," Maddie decides. "I bet she would really appreciate that," she adds as the two laughs.

You can tune in to see Maddie & Tae's performance with Carrie and Runaway June starting at 8 p.m. ET tonight on CMT.

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