Madison County Stops flow of Alcohol on River

Madison County commissioners are aiming to slow the flow of alcohol on the Broad River. Commissioners passed an ordinance 5-0, with that in mind, limiting the size of drink containers allowed by outfitters, companies that assist people in getting on the river to two liters or less. The Madison County commissioners are trying to keep those floating down the river from loading up coolers full of beer and heading downstream for hours of partying. The intent of the new regulations is to allow beverages for nourishment but not for drunkenness. An exception will be made for those on the river with special needs. If a person suffers from a medical condition and needs additional beverages, they will be allowed to take more than the two-liter container.
“The issue is what goes in the cooler and the behavior afterwards,” said property owner Scott Edwards, who said those who own property on the river seek a limit on beverages allowed on the waterway.
Another river property owner, Bill Hodges, said the cussing and belligerence of some river users towards property owners wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else. He said such incidents would end up in the news if they happened at a store such as Ingles.

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