Major storm moves offshore as cold air follows, new Western storm brews in Pacific

ABC News(NEW YORK) --   Alerts remain in place this morning across several states from Wisconsin to Maine.

While some of these alerts will expire early this morning, many will remain in place throughout the day due to high winds driving lake effect snow in the typical lake effect regions through Sunday evening.

 The Sunday morning radar as of 3 a.m. shows snow still falling along many U.S. interstates including the northern corridor of I-95 and I-91.

This morning, lake effect snow is blowing off the Great Lakes and impacting parts of I-80 and I-90 in western Pennsylvania and New York State.

This weekend’s storm brought some much needed snow pack to the northeast after what has been a very warm and dry season for snow.

Most areas from central Pennsylvania north through New England now have at least six inches or more of snow cover.

As the storm system continues to push offshore through Sunday, gusty winds will bring in cold air down from the Arctic region.

As this air moves across the Great Lakes, typical lake effect snow bands will remain in place through Sunday.

Winds this morning are gusting above 25 mph from the Northern Plains down through the Tennessee River Valley and all the way north to New England where some wind gusts make reach 40 mph.

This wind will begin to calm down later on Sunday for most of this area, but breezy conditions can be expected from the mid-Atlantic coastline north through New England on Monday morning.

 The gusty winds are part of a reinforcing Arctic air mass that is sliding southeast into the U.S.

Wind chill values this morning across the northern Plains are as low as 31 degrees below zero.

That cold air makes its way to the Northeast by Monday morning and remains in place through midweek with daily minimum temperatures in the single digits and teens.

A new storm system is brewing in the northern Pacific and is moving east toward the Pacific Northwest.

This storm system moves onshore late Monday into early Tuesday morning bringing another round of coastal rain and wintry precipitation to the higher elevations.

However, this storm is not expected to be as bad as this past week’s dangerous storms, and is only expected to bring typical seasonal storm conditions to the region through midweek.

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