Man Uses Eye-Popping 2D Art to Propose to Girlfriend

YouTube/Alexa Meade(SAN FRANCISCO) -- This proposal wasn’t life imitating art, but rather life becoming art.

Dan Levine came up with the perfect plan to capture his romantic, eye-popping proposal to longtime girlfriend Cristina Cordova on Sunday. He enlisted the help of a high school friend, artist Alexa Meade, who uses acrylic paint to transform her muses into what appears to be 2D pieces of art.

“A few months ago, he contacted me and asked if I could paint both him and his girlfriend,” Meade told ABC News of the exciting endeavor. “He asked if he could propose to her through that, and I was like, ‘Yes, oh my God, that’s amazing.’ I was so excited."

As they were roaming the Mission District neighborhood of San Francisco covered in acrylic paint, the lovebirds obviously started attracting quite the crowd.

“It was cool because it became somewhat of a spectacle,” said Meade. “Random people would see us walking down the street and wander with us from location to location. It was such a curious thing.”

At the end of a long day shooting, the paint-covered couple paused for a few minutes in front of a wall that read, “NEW MURAL SOON.” Meade instructed Cordova to stand while Levine remained on bended knee.

Cordova giggled while saying, “I knew you were going to do it,” in the video capturing the adorable moment. The two have been dating for six and half years.

“They’re a lovely couple and they’re so in love,” said Meade. “If I can create art to celebrate that love, to commemorate one of the biggest moments in their lives, that’s amazing. It was really fun.”

Meade said it was absolutely a highlight of her career.

“I can create the art but the rest is up to them,” she said of her newly engaged friends.

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