Man who captured crash ‘shocked’ to see driver walk away after dramatic rollover

AJ Calvin(MOBILE, Ala.) -- Dashcam footage showed a man walk away after he was ejected from a rollover crash on I-65 in Mobile, Alabama.

A.J. Calvin who captured the crash on video spoke to ABC News Friday about the incident. "I knew it was going to be a wreck," he said.

Calvin said he watched the incident unfold in front of him. "The green Mustang flew by at first, and I was focused on that, but then all of a sudden the white Jeep came flying up in another lane," Calvin recalled.

The footage shows the white Jeep appear to speed up an exit lane of I-65 when it suddenly clipped the back edge of another vehicle, causing the Jeep to flip and roll across multiple lanes of traffic.

"When the Jeep got in the exit-ramp lane, to me it looked like he never even hit the brakes, like he had to be turned around looking back at the Mustang or something," Calvin said.

Calvin immediately rushed to help at the scene when he noticed a man walking near the vehicle. "I saw him walking to the Jeep. I didn’t know who it was at first," Calvin said. "And then I saw blood all over him, so I said 'oh my God!'" he added when he realized it was the Jeep driver.

The driver of the car hit by the Jeep got out of her car to help an off-duty paramedic, who had apparently stopped after seeing the crash, assist a passenger in the Jeep get out of the vehicle.

"I was shocked at first that she was OK," Calvin said of the driver of the car that was hit. "But then she did the right thing and went and helped" the passenger.

The off-duty paramedic helped assess the Jeep driver and passenger's injuries.

Calvin said the passenger did not look very good. "He kept trying to get up," Calvin said. "His eyes were glazed over and he was dazed."

The Mobile Police Department did not immediately respond to a request by ABC News for information about the crash.

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