Marijuana Grow found in Hart County

A grow operation on Airline Goldmine Rd sends two to jail in Hart County.

According to Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland  “We had information that this guy was growing marijuana inside and when we went to the residence we did find a grow. The marijuana was so bushed that we thought we had like 20 plants and it was only 5, but they were really pruned and manicured well, They were grown hydroponically.”

Cleveland says it’s the first time the county has brought down a hydroponic system…

“First hydroponic grow we’ve ever had, we’ve had lots of indoor and outdoor grows, but this is the first hydroponic grow we’ve ever seen and it was working really well.”

He says the county has seen an uptick in indoor grow operations…

“It seems like the last few grows that we’ve had have been inside because we fly every year, and those boys that fly over, they’re good, they can spot some pot from the air. So seems like now it’s going to inside grows, but with these folks it’s a science now, it really is, it’s not just I hope my tomato plant has a lot of tomatoes, these folks know what they’re doing.”

Arrested in the incident were 33 year old Daniel Mack Crump and 56 year old Patrick Garrett Gray both of 1173 Airline Goldmine Rd. Both face charges of manufacturing Marijuana.

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