Marine Corps Job Titles to Become More Gender-Neutral

Cpl. Andrianna Daly(WASHINGTON) — The Marine Corps is planning to rename at least 19 of its job titles to be more gender-neutral as the military services open more combat positions to women, an official notice by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said.

The Marine Corps will make an announcement regarding the title changes as early as Friday, a Marine official confirmed, adding that the name changes are just that since "it's the same jobs, same Marines.”

For 15 job titles, the word "man" will be replaced with "Marine." Some other changes will include the new title “antitank gunner” for the job called "antitank missile man," and "field artillery operations chief" instead of "field artillery operations man." The remaining changes will be associated with positions named with reconnaissance Marine -- formerly reconnaissance man.

Although these several jobs will have new titles, a few existing titles that contain the word "man" will remain intact, such as rifleman.

The upcoming changes to these Marine job titles are not without controversy and some in the military have complained. Indignation has been expressed on social media, including concerns about moving away from the traditions of the Marine Corps.

Some posted on Twitter about the updates on terminology:

The current size of the Marine Corps is 186,500 and about 7.7 percent of the force is comprised of women. Historically, the Marines have the lowest percentage of women serving among the military services.

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