Morgan Evans saying appearing on The Bachelorette has made him "less resistant" to watching it with Kelsea

ABC/Image Group LAKelsea Ballerini's a huge fan of ABC's Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, so she was thrilled when her husband Morgan Evans got to perform his debut hit "Kiss Somebody" on a Bachelorette episode not long ago. 

While Morgan won't say the experience has turned him into a fan, he's not complaining quite as loudly these days when Kelsea bugs him to watch it with her.

"I'm not going to go home tonight by myself and watch it, but next time she's at home insisting on it, maybe I'll be a little less resistant," Morgan tells Billboard.  It's not just that watching it will score points with the wife, though -- the Aussie singer credits the show with bringing him some new fans.

"I've seen people on social media reaching out going, "Who is this guy? I love this song,'" he tells Billboard. "Bachelorette and Bachelor fans, they're their own breed. Just like country music fans -- they're super loyal, and super passionate. I know them well, I'm married to one."

"It's obviously a weird situation to be in -- like, creating reality on a reality TV show -- but it was a cool experience for sure," he adds of his appearance. "We were part of this experience where at the end of the date, they came into this theater. We played it ['Kiss Somebody'] and they got up and thankfully, they kissed."

He laughs, "It would've been super awkward if we sang 'Kiss Somebody' and they didn't kiss."

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