Move over, "Blue Tacoma": It’s a Chevy Blazer that made Russell Dickerson’s dreams come true

ABC/Randy HolmesWhen Russell Dickerson arrived at the party Monday in Nashville to celebrate his first #1, "Yours," he was driving the reward he bought himself to mark the occasion: a vintage SUV.

"I've just always loved the Blazer," he explains. "And I remember growing up, these friends of ours had a dairy farm, and I remember they had this old square-bodied Chevy. And I think that's what kinda triggered that in my mind, why I love the truck so much."

"I've been looking forever," Russell continues. "I always just look and like, 'One day I'll have a little extra cash to buy one of these little toys.'"

The stars aligned just as Russell's breakthrough hit topped the charts.

"Right when 'Yours' went #1, I found this perfect, kept-in-the-garage-for-30-years, baby blue interior, like perfect truck, for an amazing price," he says. "So it was hard to spend that first little chunk that you get, but I just wanted to get something special to remember. You only get one first #1, so I just wanted to do something special."

Russell admits he was hesitant to spend the money on himself, but the woman who inspired "Yours" -- his wife Kailey -- urged him on.

"Kailey, she's the one that convinced me to do it," he reveals. "I was like, 'Nah, I don't think I'm gonna do it.' She was like, 'Do it!' So yeah. It was from Charlotte [North Carolina]. Had it shipped here and got myself a little present!"

Russell's follow-up single, "Blue Tacoma," happens to be about another truck -- this one a Toyota.

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