"Must Be Doin’ Something’ Right": Billy Currington recalls the first time he heard himself on the radio

ABC/Image Group LA At this stage in his career, Billy Currington has more than ten #1 singles to his credit, stretching from “Must Be Doin’ Somethin' Right” in 2005 to last year’s “Do I Make You Wanna.”

But the Georgia native says he’ll never forget the first time he heard one of his songs on the radio. At the time, he was driving home from Florida, after working on songs for his debut album.

“We were writing a couple songs down there,” Billy explains, “and then I had to go back to Savannah. And I was halfway in between Jacksonville and Savannah, and just started picking up the local station. The deejay came on and said, 'Here's local boy Billy Currington's first single.' And it was 'Walk a Little Straighter.'”

For the Summer Forever singer, it’s a stand-out moment in his life.

“I turned it up real loud,” he recalls, “and I got to hear the whole song. There's no feeling like it. I'll never feel that feeling again, and it's very special. It's a memory I won't ever forget.”

Right now, Billy’s current single “Wake Me Up,” is climbing the country chart.

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