"Nashville" recap: "Beneath Still Waters"

CMTOn Thursday night’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Daphne continues to voice her dislike for Jessie Caine, as the romance progresses between Jessie and Daphne’s stepfather, Deacon Claybourne.

When Deacon invites Jessie over for dinner with her son, it seems Daphne and Jessie will remain at an impasse, until Jessie has an emotional one-on-one talk with the teen. Once Jessie reassures her she's not out to replace Rayna or take her dad from her, Daphne apologizes, and the two seem to have healed their relationship.

Alannah seems to be a hit with fans of the supergroup formed by Gunnar Scott, Will Lexington and Avery Barkley. While Will is far from sold on the idea of giving the female singer a larger role in the all-male band, Gunnar continues to pursue his romantic inclinations toward her. When Will and Avery find out Gunnar slept with her, they both agree it’s a recipe for trouble. Meanwhile, Jessie’s ex, Brad Maitland, shows up to try to poach Alannah from the band, just to cause trouble for Deacon, the head of their label.

Scarlett O’Connor turns out to see Gunnar’s performance with his new love interest, though Scarlett herself seems to have moved on as well, as she grows increasingly interested in a veteran she meets at the equine retreat.

Find out what happens next on the final season of Nashville, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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