"Nashville" recap: "Second Chances"

CMTOn Thursday’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Juliette Barnes falls further into the clutches of guru Darius Enright.

Though she goes to his compound to meet with him, he initially refuses to see her, instead encouraging her to focus on manual labor, spending the day helping build a house. By the time Juliette finally comes face-to-face with Darius, he works to convince her she should stay on his campus and not go home.

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott continue to navigate the waters after the breakup of both their romance and their professional partnership. While Scarlett considers giving up music, Gunnar moves toward forming a new band with Avery Barkley and Will Lexington.

After several near-misses where Scarlett and Gunnar avoid each other, the two finally come face-to-face and have a pleasant, friendly conversation.

At Scarlett’s urging, Deacon Claybourne finally calls Jessie Caine and asks her out, after bumping into her at the farmers’ market. Even though the two seem like they’re on the road to romance at last, Jessie unexpectedly cancels their date, only to call back and reschedule later.

When Deacon and Jessie finally make it dinner, the conversation is awkward and the two decide they may simply be better as friends. Once they agree the chance for a relationship is over, the two end the night with a kiss -- making it clear it’s not. By the time Deacon and Jessie bump into each other in the car line as they drop their kids off for school, it’s apparent they’re both pleased about the direction in which they’re headed.

Find out what happens next on the final season of Nashville, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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