"Nashville" recap: "Sometimes You Just Can’t Win"

CMTOn Thursday’s mid-season finale of Nashville on CMT, Scarlett O’Connor makes a breakthrough with Sean McPherson, the veteran she met on the equine retreat. After finally convincing him to come to a songwriters’ gathering, he conquers his fears and manages to play a song for Scarlett.

As Jessie Caine and Deacon Claybourne’s romance progresses, Jessie’s ex Brad Maitland continues to meddle in their lives. He makes sure Deacon’s daughter, Daphne Conrad, gets chosen for the talent contest he’s involved in, while at the same time plotting to send his and Jessie’s son Jake to boarding school.

When Jake refuses to leave Jessie’s house to go home with his father, the two come to blows. When Deacon intervenes to pull Brad off Jake, he accuses Deacon of assault -- which should spell trouble for Nashville’s protagonist, considering his previous run-ins with the law.

After Juliette Barnes opts to stay overseas with self-help guru Darius Enright, Avery Barkley realizes he’s finished with their relationship. The Last Highways continue to make strides as a band, though their new singer, Alannah, is causing trouble at every turn. Though she initially hooked up with Gunnar Scott, she now seems to be turning her eye toward Avery.

The band scores a major coup, being asked to make their TV debut on ABC’s The Chew. When the show asks for two songs that feature Alannah, she diffuses the situation by insisting Will Lexington take the lead on one of the tunes. Meanwhile, Will continues to privately battle his dependence on steroids and seems to be doing fine, until he collapses in the middle of The Last Highway’s breakthrough performance.

Find out what happens in the last half of the final season of Nashville, as the show returns later this year on CMT.

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