New Businesses Coming To Elbert County

New Technology Company Chooses Elbert County

Davis Systems, Inc., a Wyoming based company, announces the launch of a new technology business, bringing a large investment to Elbert County.
As an innovator and manufacturer of new, patented, data center servers and related hardware and firmware, Davis Systems, completing renovations of their new plant. According to Eric Lovin, VP of Business Development, “We have purchased a building on Thirteen Forks Road in Elbert County and will be renovating it to meet our need for offices and production. Our business plan also includes an expansion, as the company progresses.”

Two principals are named: Michel C. Bernardin (CEO) and Arch Davis (CTO). Mr. Davis will be relocating from Princeton, NJ.
“Davis Systems, Inc. offers new, cutting-edge products that answer critical industry and world needs. This includes, motherboards, power [sub] systems, power control boards, case enclosures and racking trays, racks, and other components

necessary for data center operations. We also offer service and design of data centers, management, and equipment servicing and construction oversight,” said Lovin. “We are known as a highly effective, research and development company, always pursuing other product versions and visions.”
The company expects to employ 6 new workers, in addition to management, and 25 employees within six months – finishing in three years with 50-75 employees.
Development Authority Chairman Jason Smith said, “ We are delighted that Davis Systems has chosen Elbert County for their new venture. Our community will benefit immensely from the creation of these jobs. I look forward to the success of this organization… Elbert County is the right place for technology companies.”
Development Authority Executive Director Rusty Warner also made a statement: “On behalf of our citizens I want to thank Davis Systems for their significant investment into our community. Many months of planning and negotiation were put into this Project.
This is exactly the type announcement that will continue to attract future investment to Elbert County. ”

Grain Milling Company Bringing Jobs and Multi-Million Dollar Investment

A new grain milling company has announced its opening

of an Elbert County manufacturing plant on 8 acres on the Bowman Highway.
The newly constructed 10,000 square foot grain mill will have the ability to manufacture up to 600 tons of animal nutrition per day from corn, soybeans and other feed products.
According to a company representative, “This site was chosen for its access to the highway and rail service capacity, as well as the warm reception we have received from the Elberton community. We are eager to begin our project and excited to work with the Development Authority and county officials.
“This new mill is introducing an exciting project to our county, which represents Elbert County’s Forward Focus: encouraging organic products,” stated Rusty Warner, Development Authority,Economic Development Director. “This is a multi-million dollar investment into our county.Elbert County welcomes the grain mill and we look forward to a strong future with them.”
Initially, the facility will employ six people with wages of no less than $15 per hour in addition to management positions. The company’s future vision is to continue to create Elbert County jobs and investment.Building completion is expected late 2018.
Development Authority Chairman Jason Smith also made a statement: “The fact that the mill chose Elbert County for its operation is a reflection of a strong partnership between the Development Authority and Elbert County.”
Elbert County Government will provide to the site, a curb cut paved road able to accommodate tractor trailers. It will also work to encourage Hartwell Railroad to bring a ‘spur’ onto the property, not to be paid by the County.

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