Newcomer Russell Dickerson’s "Yours" snowballs into the biggest year of his career so far

Triple Tigers RecordsNewcomer Russell Dickerson has the first top-five hit of his career so far with “Yours,” and the Tennessee native says there’s no denying it -- it’s pretty sweet.

“It’s the best feeling,” he tells ABC Radio. “I’ve worked so hard, so long, to get to this point, written so many songs. I feel like it’s still just getting started.”

Russell put out his first EP in January of 2011, and he says the success of “Yours” is largely the culmination of a very busy 2017.

“At the beginning of this year, [I] got to tour with Thomas Rhett,” he explains. “So that was my first major tour. And then as soon as that finished, ‘Yours’ went to radio, and then my album just came out, and got to tour with Florida Georgia Line this fall. So all of those things just kinda led up and kept ramping up and snowballing into the biggest year of my career. And next year is just gonna keep going, man.” 

Russell’s breakthrough hit, “Yours,” started out as a love letter to his wife Kailey.

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