Not quite "All of It": How Cole Swindell found the "missing piece" to album #3

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Cole Swindell's third album, All of It, arrives on Friday as its debut single, "Break Up in the End," nears country's top ten.

While the Georgia native put painstaking detail into making his follow-up to You Should Be Here, he reveals the title track almost didn't make the record.

"Cool story about this song," Cole explains. "I was actually done recording my album. This song caught my attention. Somebody played it for me just randomly on my bus and I flipped out. I was like 'This is what the album is missing. I need this song.'"

"So, I had never done that before," he continues. "I went back in the studio, recorded this song and it was just the missing piece."

Cole believes "All of It" is a track both his male and female fans will relate to.

"It's a love song, but it's not just the good, it's the bad, it's everything," he says. "It's a relationship that you want her bad days, you want the good days, you want the happy tears, the sad tears, you want all of it."

"It's a song that I think the girls are gonna dig and the guys too," Cole adds. "I'm excited to have it on the album and I'm excited for it to be the title track..."

Cole plays NBC's Today show Friday morning before performing a sold-out stop on his All of It Tour later tonight in St. Louis, Missouri.

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