One of the "Ladies in the ’90s," LeAnn Rimes, weighs in on the lack of female voices on country radio

Courtesy of Crown MediaLauren Alaina's new single, "Ladies in the '90s," celebrates a time when females were plentiful on country radio.

Even though she was a teen at the time, LeAnn Rimes was one of those voices sending songs up the chart.

"There was something about the nineties that was just undeniable..." she recalls. "Women were cutting just hit after hit after hit. It just worked. It really did."

"The nineties were a very, very special moment for women in music," LeAnn points out, "and I'm so grateful to have been a part of that time."

Contrast that with this week, when only one female solo artist -- Maren Morris -- has a song in the top thirty. 

LeAnn rejects the argument that female listeners only want to hear men.

"I know that's a lot of what's being said is 'Oh women don't want to hear women. I mean, that is total b.s. in my opinion," LeAnn tells ABC Radio. 

The "Blue" icon admits there can sometimes be competition between female singers -- and adds that she thinks men like it that way. But she goes on to say that's changing -- at least for the women.

"We're realizing that we need to lift each other up, and we are sisters, and that sisterhood is so important..." she asserts. "I really see women... really wanting to hear and celebrate their own kind, their own gender and their own... soul sisters. And it's time for us to come back again."  

This weekend, LeAnn is back, as she stars in her first Christmas movie since 1997's Holiday in Your HeartIt's Christmas Eve also includes three new yuletide songs she wrote for the film. You can tune in for its premiere Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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