People Hid Out in Orlando Nightclub Bathroom for Hours

(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Video shared by one of the Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting survivors shows some of the tense moments in the bathroom where people were fighting for their lives.

Miguel Leiva, 29, recorded video inside one of Pulse nightclub's bathrooms where a group of clubgoers hid from the shooter.

Some of the people had been injured and the others are heard trying to comfort them and help treat their wounds, all while trying to stay quiet and avoid attracting the attention of the shooter, Omar Mateen.

Leiva shared the video with ABC Miami affiliate WPLG-TV.

"The only way we knew to, like, let our families know, you know, we're OK, we're OK, was just to record it and let them hear that we're trying to be quiet and send the video," he said of the Sunday incident in which 50 people died, including the shooter.

The people could be seen sharing a cup of water, and some could be heard crying.

Leiva said he heard Mateen yelling for the people in the bathroom to come out, but they stayed inside.

"When we were in the bathroom, the guy, the shooter just started saying, 'Everybody come out! Everybody's going to die,'" Leiva told the station.

He said more than a dozen people stayed in the bathroom for more than four hours before being rescued by the SWAT team. He suffered two gunshot wounds and is expected to recover from those injuries.

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