Pray For Rain

Looking to turn our ever-changing weather into a reason to celebrate, Tena’s Fine Diamonds and Jewelry is asking couples to “PRAY FOR RAIN”
on their wedding day! That’s right. Our promise is that if it rains one inch or more in Elberton on their wedding day*, their ring will be free!
Reimbursement will be in-store credit only.

Here is what to do!
-Buy an engagement ring at Tena’s and fill out Pray for Rain paperwork.
-If rainfall or snowfall is measured to be an inch or more by official weather reporting station of Elbert County on your wedding day, YOU WIN!

Reimbursement will be in store credit only. Excludes sales tax. Open to residents of all 50 states, as long as you bought items at a Tena’s Fine Diamonds location (Athens, Elberton, Hartwell or Washington).

* Important information! Measurement of precipitation is calculated from 7am on the wedding date until 7am the day after. (Example: If it rains or snows a total of 1 inch beginning from Friday 7am until 7am Saturday Morning.) Rain or snow totals are measured at official weather station for Elbert County (Filter Plant @ Beaverdam Creek). And Pray For Rain on your Wedding Day!

The following is recorded rainfall data for Elbert County collected by the official weather station for Elbert County  at Beaverdam Creek / Elberton Filter Plant


Click below for Monthly / Daily Reports

09/20/18  Ranifall – 0.00

09/19/18  Rainfall – 0.00

09/18/18  Rainfall – 0.00

09/17/18 Rainfall – 0.00

09/16/17 Rainfall — 0.15

09/15/18   Rainfall – 0.12

09/14/18   Rainfall – 0.00

09/13/18   Rainfall – 0.29

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