Qualifying Ends for Municipal Elections

Election season will soon be upon us as Qualifying ended for Municipal Elections on Friday for the City of Elberton and Bowman.
In Elberton, Mayor Larry Guest qualifies for re-election along with Mike Fernandez who will challenge Guest for the Mayor’s seat. In Ward 1 Carey Butler Qualified with no opposition. In Ward 4 Rick Prince qualified with no opposition and in Ward 5 Incumbent Joel Seymour qualified with opposition from Kyle Parham.

In the City of Bowman Incumbent Mayor Betty Joe Maxwell qualified for re-election along with councilman Mark Berryman also qualifying to run for Mayor of Bowman.
For the City council of Bowman Wade Bridges qualified along with Rachel Felice and Tyson Almond. Bowman votes “At Large” which means the top 3 candidates receiving the votes will fill the seats.

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