Rare ‘Yellow’ Lobster Spared From Dinner Table at NYC Restaurant

Courtesy Steven Costello(NEW YORK) -- A New York City restaurant has "pardoned" a special "yellow" crustacean after discovering that the little lobster was a one in 30 million find.

Ruby the lobster somehow found her way into the biweekly shipment of live lobsters to the downtown restaurant Burger & Lobster.

"We couldn't help but notice her," the U.S. director of operations for Burger & Lobster, Steven Costello, told ABC News Tuesday, "and that one of these things was not like the others."

Costello added of Ruby's unusual pigmentation: "She is like a ruby-red color. She looks almost like a cooked lobster."

After poking around online, Costello said they discovered that Ruby was actually categorized as a "yellow" lobster, despite having a more orange-hued exterior.

That's when they found out that Ruby was a "one in 30 million" lobster, according to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine.

Costello said the staff took a liking to Ruby, and he describes her as "healthy, feisty and happy."

She is currently on display at their restaurant until she's transferred to her new forever home at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York.

Costello added that Ruby's personality, as well as her looks, make her unique.

"Most lobsters are fairly docile," Costello said, adding that Ruby is quite "feisty" and probably has to fight off a lot of "male suitors."

Rare lobsters seem to pull at the heartstrings in unique ways. An especially overweight lobster, Larry, who tipped the scales at at a whopping 15 pounds, was recently spared from the dinner plate at a seafood restaurant in Florida. Unfortunately, Larry the lobster passed away en route to a better life at an aquarium.

Earlier this month, a Cape Cod fisherman caught a bright blue lobster and separated him from the pack of lobsters heading toward the market, hoping to send "Bleu" to a local aquarium.

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