‘Revolution’ manifesto written by armed gun shop burglary suspect has reached White House, police say

Rock County Sheriff's Office(JANESVILLE, Wisc.) -- A 161-page, handwritten manifesto mailed to President Donald Trump by a man who allegedly robbed a Wisconsin gun shop and who police say is bent on starting a "revolution" has reached the White House, authorities in Wisconsin have confirmed.

"It certainly alerted the Secret Service and they're some of the federal partners that are at the table with us," Janesville Police Chief David Moore told ABC News.

Last week, Wisconsin police and the FBI launched a manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski, 32, of the Janesville area, after they say he allegedly broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop in Janesville at 8:40 p.m. April 4 and stole about 16 high-end firearms.

Thirty minutes later, they said, a car was found engulfed in flames near the shop. Police said the car belonged to Jakubowski.

At least two assault rifles and several high-end handguns are among the stolen firearms, a law enforcement source told ABC News. Jakubowski may have stolen silencers as well, the source said. Armageddon Supplies advertises silencers on its Facebook page.

Police said they believe that Jakubowski also has a bulletproof vest and helmet.

"We don't know what the endgame is and that's what's concerning and that's why this is really more of a national focus," Moore said.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said that Jakubowski had previously been "more of an agitator" and said that he had a long history of rebelling against authority.

"It seems obviously, based upon what he's doing now, that this is ramped up and he's taking it to the next level and again we don't know what his endgame is. But it is quite obvious with the document he's generated, the time he put into it, the level of thought that he put into it, that he's very serious and that what he's attempting to do, in his mind, is going to create a situation where there will be a revolution," Spoden told ABC News.

Last week, police also released a social media video that they said depicts Jakubowski's sending a package to Trump. Spoden said police have found a copy of the 161-page manifesto that Jakubowski allegedly wrote and sent to Trump at the White House.

"This was something that he really put thought into, this is something that he really concentrated on and basically put forth his best effort, which, again, is concerning for us because it shows thought, it shows determination," Spoden said.

In communications before his disappearance, Jakubowski also allegedly made reference to his dying by the hand of Trump and expressed a desire to save everyone by taking out one politician at a time. On Sunday, authorities patrolled churches because of Jakubowski's anti-religious views.

The manhunt for Jakubowski involves more than 150 law enforcement officers nationwide. Authorities said they did not know whether he was still in Rock County or even in Wisconsin.

"All of those individuals that have had a relationship with him, not only just recently, but in past months, years, we have had extensive conversations with. All of the individuals have been very cooperative. All of the individuals have given us the information that we requested and we continue to speak with them. And so we are very grateful that they're willing to come forward and I think that having their cooperation has been key for us developing and continuing to develop a little bit of background on this individual and the type of character that he is," Spoden said.

Wisconsin authorities are working with the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Secret Service to find Jakubowski.

Police said he was known to officers and had previously been imprisoned for trying to disarm a police officer. The FBI is now offering $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

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