Romance on the rocks: Is Michael Ray breaking up or making up in new "Get to You" video?

AtlanticMichael Ray’s trying to make a relationship last in his top-20 hit, “Get to You,” and he acts out that same scenario in his new video for the track.

As the clip begins, Michael’s at home packing, with his blonde love interest also in the house. Eventually, Michael leaves, driving his Jeep to meet the bus for a performance, leaving his lady behind.

Michael says, "'Get To You' is such a special song not only because it's the first single off of [my new album] Amos, but also because I feel that it's something everyone can relate to on some level. I feel like we've all been on at least one side of this storyline.”

“In my case, I've been on both sides," he admits. "I want fans to hear this song and be reminded that we're all human -- we all go through these emotions. It's part of growing, and this song serves to remind fans they're not alone."

So what becomes of Michael’s video romance? Check out the visual version of “Get to You” on YouTube to find out.

Michael’s sophomore album, Amos, comes out June 1. 

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