Runners brave cold weather for Twilight Stroll

The 15th Annual Twilight Stroll by the Granite Bowl Fun Run, 5K and 10.1K Race Friday night, sponsored by the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce, was a great success despite frigid temperatures throughout the evening. The event attracted runners from Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.
In the 10.1K race, John Coleman of Decatur and Kelsey Dawsey of Athens were the overall male and female winners, while Sissie Herring of Elberton and Brian Audet of Royston were the Masters Division winners.

In the 5K race, Cynthia Allman of Washington and Diego Martinez-Johnson of Canon were the overall winners, and Melinda Black of Clarkesville and Brian Audet of Royston took the Masters Division first-place trophies.

Age group winners in the 10.1K were Diego Martinez-Johnson, 11-14 male; Luke Martinez-Johnson, 15-19 male; Kelsey Dawsey, 20-24 female; Meghan Bowden, 25-29 female; Ashley Coleman, 30-34 female; Adam Nash, 30-34 male; Anna Daniels, 35-39 female; John Coleman, 35-39 male; Christine Fogus, 40-44 female; Brian Audet, 40-44 male; David Beeland, 45-49 male; Sissie Herring, 50-54 female; Rick Hayes, 55-59 male; Randy Ballew, 60-64 male; Booker T. Orsley, 60-64 male; David Oblinger, 65-69 male; and George Southgate, 70-74 male.
Age group winners in the 5K were Elizabeth Osborne, 11-14 female; Diego Martinez-Johnson, 11-14 male; Anna Kubas, 15-19 female; Luke Martinez-Johnson, 15-19 male; Callie Tallman, 20-24 female; Isaac Allen, 20-24 male; Kayla Ballew, 25-29 female; Andrew Harris, 25-29 male; Cynthia Allman, 30-34 female; Brett Seymour, 30-34 male; Tara Cruce, 35-39 female; Darren Altman, 35-39 male; Sandra House, 40-44 female; Brian Audet, 40-44 male; Bonnie Short, 45-49 female; David Beeland, 45-49 male; Melinda Black, 50-54 female; Darren Scarborough, 50-54 male; Veronica Doster, 55-59 female; David Scott, 55-59 male; Karen Swann, 60-64 female; Randy Ballew, 60-64 male; Sue Chastain, 65-69 female; David Oblinger, 65-69 male; and George Southgate, 70-74 male.

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