Sam Hunt says "Kinfolks" is a "meet the parents" kind of situation — and a whole lot more

Connor DwyerIt's only been out less than three weeks, but Sam Hunt's "Kinfolks" is already a top twenty hit.

Sam admits the guy in the song who's contemplating a "meet the parents" kind of situation may be taking things a little fast, but for th "Body Like a Back Road" hitmaker, the idea of "Kinfolks" is serious business.

"It's talking about wanting to take it to that level of intimacy with this girl," Sam explains. "And obviously, he's being a little bit silly, because he's just met the girl."

For Sam, the definition of "Kinfolks" goes farther than just blood relatives.

"When I think of 'kinfolks,' when I think of that phrase, I think of my family," he says. "But also I think about just my people back home, even beyond my family, just buddies and people who've been a part of my story from the beginning."

"And I've made a lot of new friends," Sam continues, "and met a lot of new people who are important to me, as I've moved away from my hometown. But that core group is still that core group, and will always be."

For the native of Cedartown, Georgia, his "Kinfolks" concept includes his extended family, as well as a visual element.

"It's my hometown, it's my grandmothers, all my cousins," Sam goes on. "And we have a big family and always got together on the holidays. So it's all my cousins."

"And I've been posting some pictures on Instagram," he adds. "It's images, too. It's just the basketball goals, the houses, the cars. Some of those looks just are nostalgic. So it's just home really, for the most part."

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